Yacht Hire for Special Occasions

yacht hire for special occasions

Hiring a yacht in Cyprus for a special occasion in your life is a luxurious way to always remember an unforgettable special day. Yacht rentals in Cyprus are perfect for all kinds of special occasions, like wedding proposals, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Of course, when you hire a yacht for a special occasion, you want everything to be perfect. Here is how to plan a yacht hire for special occasions.

Size of the Party

Firstly, you need to make a list of your guests. Whether you will only have a guest or all of your friends you need to decide so as to find the perfect yacht to rent. It is very important to count the guests and consider how many bathrooms, cabins and amenities you will need to make your guests happy and meet their needs.  


Of course, you also need to decide on the destination of your big event. Each yacht destination in Cyprus has its own charm and each one has different attractions and things to see and do.

Activities and amenities

You also need to think of any activities you will want your guests to enjoy. Since you will be on a yacht, you can enjoy snorkelling, fishing, various water sports and many more activities. Moreover, you will need to think of the amenities you want the yacht to include. A luxury yacht charter offers the option of choosing luxury amenities based on your needs and preferences. For example, you can choose to have a private chef or a catering company cook delicious meals for your special occasion. Other amenities include a photographer, a band, festive decorations, bartender services and many more.

In conclusion, choosing a yacht rental for the celebration of a special occasion is an excellent choice as long as you choose the best yacht experience for you and your guests. Make sure you are well organized and that you consider everything mentioned in this blog post before concluding on which yacht and amenities you choose.